Send Screenshot
1. Make sure you can see the thing that you wish to save as proof, then press the 'Print Scrn' button on your keyboard. This is usually found towards the top right of your keyboard. Some computers require you to press another key in addition to the Print Scrn button, sometimes these are labelled Fn, Shift, Function etc...

2. By doing this, you will have taken a screenshot (screendump), and it will now be copied to your clipboard.

3. You need to open up a graphics program, We strongly recommends the well known 'Paint' due to its ease of use.

4. You then need to press 'Edit' at the top, and then press 'Paste'.

5. If you have followed these steps correctly, what you saw on your screen when you took the screenshot, should appear in front of you. Please note that it may be a little smaller and of a lower quality, this is ok, so long as it is still readable. NB: If your screenshot doesn't appear in paint once you have pasted it, please go back and repeat step one. If you have tried this 3 or more times, please contact a navigator who will try and help you further.

6. You then need to click 'File' and then select 'Save As'. Save the screenshot onto your computer, with a name that you will remember.

7. Now is the bit where you need to send the screenshot to a navigator. The easiest way to do that is to upload and simply let the navigator know you've sent it,

Choose country at top where to send your screen, if UK chat, then press UK, and upload form should show up.